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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website!

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in Political Science at Macalester College.

I teach courses related to international relations, political economy, East Asia, global governance, and political violence.  

My research focuses on the economic side of political violence and peace from the perspectives of International Relations and Comparative Politics. For example, my dissertation is about economic influences in peacebuilding after civil conflicts, mainly focusing on foreign direct investment. For further information about my research, please visit my CV and research tab.

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Bora Jeong 

Visiting Assistant Professor

Political Science / Macalester College

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Conflict management / Peacebuilding
Civil war / Political violence / Political economy

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“Foreign Direct Investment and Sustainable Peace during/after Civil Conflicts” - Focusing on the U.S. and Chinese Investment

- Why Do Multinational Corporations Invest in Conflict-experienced Society?  

- Foreign Direct Investment and Recurrence of Civil Conflicts 

- Foreign Direct Investment and Irregular Political Changes in Conflict-experienced States

Committee: Drs. Michael Greig (chair), Glen Biglaiser, John Ishiyama, and David Mason


  • Jeong, Bora, and Hoon Lee. 2021. "US-China Commercial Rivalry, Great War, and Middle Powers." International Area Studies Review, 24 (2)

  • Jeong, Bora. 2014. “The New Geopolitics and the Arctic Council: Cooperation Between Korea and Norway.” Journal of Global Politics, 7 (2)


  • Jeong, Bora. "Foreign Direct Investment and Peace after Civil Conflict: Focusing on the U.S. and Chinese Investment."

  • Dewell Gentry, Hope, and Bora Jeong. "Does Experience of Ethnic Conflict Enhance Ethnic Identity?"

  • Bagwell, Stephen, and Bora Jeong. "Migrant Remittances, Contentious Elections, and Violence"


  • Jeong, Bora. "Remittances and Peace after Civil Conflicts." Peace Science Society (International) 56th North American Annual Meeting. November 4, 2022.

  • Jeong, Bora. "The Impact of Peace Operations on Different Stage of Foreign Direct Investment Lifecycle." MPSA Annual Conference 2022.

  • Dewell Gentry, Hope, and Bora Jeong. "Does Confucianism Hinder Democracy?"  WPSA 2022 Annual Conference.

  • Bagwell, Stephen, and Bora Jeong. "Remittances and Electoral Violence." ISA Midwest Conference 2020.

  • Jeong, Bora.“Foreign Direct Investment and Regime Stability in Post-Conflict States: Cases of U.S. and Chinese FDI.” ISA Midwest Conference 2019.

  • Jeong, Bora. “How Does Foreign Direct Investment Affect Sustainable Peace After Civil War?” Peace Science Society (international) 53rd North American Annual Meeting. November 9, 2019.   

  • Jeong, Bora. "Does experience of ethnic conflict enhance ethnic identity?" MPSA Annual Conference 2019. 

  • Jeong, Bora. "How does mediators’ capability leverage make mediation more successful?" ISA Annual Convention 2019.

  • Yates, Tyler P. and Bora Jeong. “The Expanding Circle: Human Rights, Norms, and Conflict.” MPSA Annual Conference 2018.

  • Jeong, Bora. “Deployment of peacekeeping operations of the UN and regional organizations: Impact of the media coverage.” ISA Annual Convention 2018.

  • Graham, Sebastian and Bora Jeong. “Private Militaries and Process of Conflict: The Problem of Divergent Interests.” Texas Triangle IR Conference. February 3, 2018.


  • Why Do Multinational Corporations Invest in Conflict-experienced Societies? Cases of U.S. and Chinese Foreign Direct Investment

  • Foreign Direct Investment and Irregular Political Changes in the Conflict-experienced States: Focusing on the U.S. and Chinese Investment

  • Remittances and Peace after Civil Conflicts

  • Does Confucianism Hinder Democracy? (With Hope Dewell Gentry)

  • Leader Experience and Repression (With Sebastian Graham and Marijke Breuning)

  • Textile Export and Women's Rights (With Carly Carte)


Civil Conflicts, Political Violence, Conflict Management, Peacebuilding, Political Economy, Foreign Direct Investment, Remittances, U.S. Intervention, Chinese Intervention, East Asia Politics



  • Foundations of International Politics - Fall 2021-Spring 2023 (Macalester College)

  • Political Violence and Peace Studies - Spring 2023 (Macalester College)

  • Global Political Economy - Spring/Fall 2022 (Macalester College)

  • Politics of East Asia - Spring 2022/2023 (Macalester College)

  • Global Governance - Fall 2021 (Macalester College)

  • Politics in East Asia - Spring 2021 (University of North Texas) 

  • International Relations - Fall 2019 (University of North Texas) 

  • Stata Seminar - Summer 2019                                                                                                            (National Science Foundation's Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program)

Teaching assistance (University of North Texas)

  • PSCI 2305 “U.S. Political Behavior” 

  • PSCI 2306 “U.S. & Texas Government - Constitutions and Institutions”  

  • PSCI 3810 “International Relations”

  • PSCI 1050 “American Government: Process and Policies”

  • PSCI 1040 “American Government: Laws and Institutions”

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1600 Grand Ave

St Paul, MN 55105

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